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Does HughesNet require a phone line?

No, HughesNet does not require you to use a phone line. There are no cables that are needed for satellite internet or the phone option that hughesNet offers. There will be a small delay with calls using satellite because of the way signals are sent. When you use a satellite phone a signal goes up to a satellite in space, then back down to the phone about 22,300 miles. This isn't as big of an issue with traditional home phones or cellphones because the signals traveled through telephone lines and didn’t have to travel such long distances. The reason people are still buying these kinds of services and not using their cellphones is the same reason why people choose satellite internet over traditional providers, because they can’t supply service where they are. Some areas where people live just don’t have cell service and have to struggle with staying in contact with people. Since many people have been drawn away from landlines toward cell phones, satellite phones have become more affordable and have brought the opportunity for people living in remote areas to stay in contact with families and friends. If you struggle with getting cell phone service or just need a backup phone for your home or office then it might be good to look into satellite phones for service no matter where you are.