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Does Hughesnet require a credit check?

Yes, Hughesnet does require a credit check for prospective customers. Most internet service companies will need a credit check somewhere down the line if you plan on getting a plan with them. They use it to determine if someone is eligible to lease their equipment. Regardless of the current credit rating you should be prepared to provide your name, address and SSN at the time of the signing, and also ITIN which should be on the rental application. Hughesnet is also one of the few services that ask for a SSN for their credit check. The credit check will show how likely that person is to pay their bills each month. If you don’t have a high enough credit or you don’t want them to check your credit, you will have to purchase the equipment or put down a deposit for the equipment upfront which will be more expensive. Hughesnet may also restrict access to various discounts or leasing programs. If you happen to be a customer with them for some years then it will save you money in the long run.