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Dish Network Plans and Pricing

Dish Network Plans and Pricing
Television packages start at
a month for 24 months
Get the Dish Network plan that suits you:
Start with 190 digital channels or upgrade for still more channels
FREE Dish voice remote and DVR are included with every plan
Enjoy 80,000 On-Demand Titles and enjoy 30+ premium channels FREE for 3 months
Watch ALL your live and recorded TV shows anywhere
Dish Network is ranked No. 1 for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power

Dish Hopper Features
Dish Hopper 3 HD DVR vs. Dish Hopper Duo
Watch TV your way with the Dish Hopper 3 HD DVR. Pause, rewind and fast-forward. Use voice controls with Hopper, which integrates easily with Amazon Alexa and Echo. You can record up to 16 shows at the same time because Dish Hopper 3 has 2 TB of storage.
Households with only one or two TVs may find that the Dish Hopper Duo offers everything they want. The Hopper Duo Smart HD DVR features two tuners so that you can watch or record two programs at the same time. Dish Hopper Duo stores up to 125 hours of HD DVR recordings and comes with voice remote and Remote Finder, a handy way to find that elusive remote.

Dish Anywhere
Stream live TV programming and enjoy Dish wherever you go. Watch Dish Network anytime, anywhere and do it on all your favorite devices with the Dish Network app.

Hopper Go
Take your recordings with you on the HopperGO by Dish Network. The HopperGO is a portable hard drive that allows you to enjoy TV on up to five devices at a time. Enjoy up to 100 hours of stored programming with no internet connection required. The HopperGO features a built-in battery that can be recharged through any USB port. The HopperGO is perfect for entertaining in remote locations!

About Dish Network
Dish Network offers a range of satellite television plans across the United States. Based in Meridian, Colorado, Dish Network is a direct-broadcast satellite television company. Dish Network was founded in 1997 under parent company Echostar, but spun off in 2008 to be an independent satellite TV provider. Dish is the owner of Sling TV, an internet protocol television (IPTV) service leading the way as over-the-top streaming television grows in popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions (Dish Network FAQ)
Is Dish Network available in my area?
Dish Network is available throughout the continental United States.
Can I watch local channels on Dish Network?
Dish Network delivers local programming based on your service address.
How much is Dish Network Satellite TV per month?
Dish Network packages start at $59.99 per month for the 190-channel plan.
Can I bundle Dish Network with internet and phone?
Dish Network partners with a network of internet service providers to provide high-speed internet and phone bundling options. ISPs include AT&T, Viasat-Exede, HughesNet, CenturyLink, Windstream and more.
Can I skip TV commercials with Dish Network?
Dish Network subscribers can skip TV commercials during select recorded broadcasts shown on the major networks during Primetime, 8-11 p.m.. The Dish Hopper’s AutoHop feature is all that you need to watch only what you want.
How much does Dish Network cost?
Dish Network packages start at $59.99 per month for the 190-channel plan. All offers require a two-year commitment with an early termination fee. You must subscribe to eAutopay to qualify for Dish Network offers.
Does Dish Network have 4K content?
Dish Network offers 4K content, providing more than 600 hours of programming in 4K. You can have a whole-home 4K experience when you pair a 4K Joey with a Hopper 3 and a compatible 4K TV. While there isn’t a great deal of 4K content available, Dish shows major sports and events in 4K. Enjoy Ultra HD consumer-format programming with a resolution of 3840 X 2160—the UHD picture is magnificent!

Read the Fine Print in Your Dish Network Contract
Dish Network packages require a 24-month commitment. If you cancel your Dish Network service before the end of the contract, an early termination fee of $20 per month for each month remaining in your 24-month service agreement will be charged. Plans with an introductory offer of three free months of premium movie channels renew the movie channels automatically at an increased cost unless you cancel prior to the end of the three-month trial period.