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Can You Play Xbox on Viasat?

Can You Play Xbox on Viasat?
You can play Xbox on Viasat satellite internet, but you will want to focus on strategy games and turn-based games. First-person shooter games—really any Xbox game that requires twitch reactions or super-quick responses— will be frustrating due to the high ping rate of 700 milliseconds that is a part of satellite internet service.
Another name for ping rate is latency, but no matter what you call it, the signal delay determines what games you can play on Xbox on Viasat internet. Satellite internet has built-in latency because of the long distance the signal must travel to and from the satellite— Viasat satellites are more than 22,000 miles away from the Earth’s surface. The high ping rate of satellite internet significantly downgrades the player experience for many popular Xbox games, such as Call of Duty and Fortnight.
Compared to the Xbox player using satellite internet, gamers on wired broadband internet may have one, even two seconds, longer to make a game move. That’s a big deal when the mission is to find a treasure or invade a new territory!

Can You Play Xbox on Viasat Flex?

Yes, you can play Xbox on Viasat Flex, a hybrid internet product that combines the speed of Viasat satellite internet with the low latency of DSL internet. The Viasat Flex system switches seamlessly between satellite internet and DSL internet signals to maintain internet speed and reduce latency or ping.  Viasat Flex is available in limited areas within the United States—call today to see if your home qualifies. If you are eligible for Viasat Flex, you can get the service at no additional charge.* Yes, even rural internet customers can play Xbox on Viasat Flex!
*Should Viasat begin charging for Viasat Flex, you will be notified well in advance and given the opportunity to make changes to your Viasat satellite internet service.