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Can you get high speed internet with satellite?

Yes! Satellite internet providers (SIP) have plans with high speeds that are offered to customers. Viasat is a SIP who has some of the fastest speeds for those in this category. Viasat boasts plans reaching 100 Mbps just by using satellite. Most other internet providers who don’t use satellites get much more support by using copper wiring and fiber to connect their services. For internet providers to reach 100 Mbps just by having a dish is impressive. You don’t have to worry about companies digging through your yard to bring you service or wires spread all throughout your house. Satellite internet just sends a signal from your modem to your dish then into space to another satellite, and is transmitted back down to your dish for great service. Viasat is best used for individuals or families who live in rural areas that don’t have access to other other internet providers. Viasat is able to give them high speed internet that they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise since internet providers who use copper wiring and fiber don’t want to drag a whole line of wire out somewhere to only supply one family with internet. There isn’t as much of a use for satellite internet in the city environment since there are cheaper options since copper wire and fiber is placed everywhere with some many people living in a small area. Overall Viasat is a great internet provider that can get you service if you need satellite internet.