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Can I Use My Own Modem with Viasat?

Can I Use My Own Modem with Viasat?
No, you must use a Viasat modem with Viasat satellite internet service. Because Viasat offers satellite internet, and the modems available through retail stores are designed for cable and DSL internet, you will need a Viasat modem with your Viasat internet plan.
The Viasat Wi-Fi Modem or Gateway with built-in Wi-Fi works very well, and you get a Viasat compatible modem and wireless router in one unit. When your Viasat installer finishes installation and your internet service goes live, you get an instant home network that will allow you to connect all your devices—computers, tablets, phones, TVs and smart-home controls. Start streaming, log into social media accounts or get to work without a second thought to configuring a modem and router!

Will Viasat Provide Support for a Viasat Modem?
Yes, Viasat will provide technical support for a Viasat modem. Viasat also offers technical support for the built-in wireless router in the Viasat Gateway. To make the most of your Viasat internet plan, you may want to get Viasat EasyCare. For only $8.99/month, EasyCare gives you service calls at no additional charge, priority on the Customer Care hotline and the option of having your satellite dish relocated annually.

Can I Use My Own Router with a Viasat Modem?

Yes, you can use your own modern router with a Viasat modem; however, with the Viasat Wi-Fi Modem or Gateway with Wi-Fi, there is no need to install a second router. If you find dead zones in your Wi-Fi signal pattern, you can add Wi-Fi extenders to provide coverage to these areas. Wi-Fi extenders are available in retail stores and online.