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Can I get Wifi without an Internet Provider?

Yes, there are a few ways to get access to wifi without having an internet provider. One of the ways is by using a phone or tablet as a wifi hotspot. Most smartphones and tablets have the ability to become a hotspot not just for you, but for multiple people if necessary. All you would need to do is make a password to access it and give the password to anyone else who wanted access to it. This way does not work for everyone though because it uses the data off your phone. If you don’t have unlimited or pay a large amount originally then it wouldn’t be worthwhile. Another way is to buy a portable cellular router through mobile internet providers. They will sell you a data-only sim card that you can use inside of a battery powered 4G portable router. This will give you the ability to take wifi with you wherever you go since it runs off batteries for power. If you want to just use it in your home all you need to do is plug the mobile router in through an outlet. One last way to have access to wifi without an internet provider is by using a usb cellular modem. When these are plugged into a computer it is connected directly to a mobile data connection with a specific amount of data on a sim card. These are normally cheaper than the portable router option and much smaller as well. There are more ways to use wifi without an Internet provider but, these are a couple of common ways of doing it.