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Can I get Satellite Internet?

Yes, you most likely can get satellite internet since it covers 99% of the United States. Whether you live in the mountains, or on farmland in the middle of nowhere, satellite internet is there to supply you with the high-speed internet that you want. Satellite internet providers can supply you with internet no matter where you are because all you need is a view of the sky and a place to mount your satellite dish, and you are good. Your modem transmits a signal to the dish on your roof, then sends the signal to a satellite dish in space. The dish in space then sends another signal back with internet access to your dish and back into your modem, which then gives you access to the internet. There are positives and negatives to satellite internet like everything else in life. For those who only have access to satellite internet they would much rather have it then not having any internet. It may be more expensive than other options, but it supplies the customer with what they need to get their activities or work done. Viasat is one of the largest satellite internet providers in America and in the next couple of years will be sending a constellation of satellites into space that will be able to supply the world with satellite internet. If you currently live outside of the United States you will soon have access to high-speed internet and those who have never had internet before will as well.